Dear Neighbor:

I am Elena V. Son and I am running this November 6 to represent you on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC2A04) on top local issues such as noise, homelessness, rodents, traffic, and personal safety.

As your neighbor and a board member of my coop – Potomac Plaza Terraces – I understand these issues and their impact on our quality of life. I have undertaken steps to address our concerns with community leaders and city officials through town halls. As an entrepreneur, I am judged daily by the results of my business. As an appointee to a Mayoral Commission and as a citizen, I know the importance of neighborhood unity. As a caregiver to my senior parents and a church council member, I strive to provide care, comfort, and security to my family and the parish. As a volunteer at Miriam’s Kitchen, I know the power of compassion and support to those who are deprived of what you and I are so fortunate to have, a home!  

Your vote for me is important and will help identify solutions that work best for our community. Like you, I love my neighborhood and with your support, we can ensure our voices are heard.

Join me in this honorable effort!  Vote for Me!  I am ready to work with you to transform our neighborhood into the best place in DC to live.

It’s About Us!


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