It’s About Us!

Dear Neighbor:

I am Elena V. Son and I am running this November 6 to represent you on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC2A04) on top local issues such as noise, homelessness, rodents, traffic, and personal safety.

As your neighbor and a board member of my coop – Potomac Plaza Terraces – I understand these issues and their impact on our quality of life. Thus, I have undertaken steps to address our concerns with community leaders and city officials through town halls. As an entrepreneur, I am judged daily by the results of my business. As an appointee to a Mayoral Commission and as a citizen, I know the importance of neighborhood unity. As a caregiver to my senior parents and a church council member, I strive to provide care, comfort, and security to my family and the parish. As a volunteer at Miriam’s Kitchen, I know the power of compassion and support those who are deprived of what you and I are so fortunate to have – a home!

Your vote for me is important and will help identify solutions that work best for our community. Like you, I love my neighborhood and with your support, we can ensure our voices are heard.  My plan for the ANC2A04 is to hold quarterly meetings at your buildings.  

It’s About Us! is the campaign theme; giving to the campaign means you are investing in  your home-your voice-your community! Even if you do not reside in D.C. but work, dine, or travel here for business or leisure, then You Are One of Us and This is YOUR campaign! 

Join me in this honorable effort! Vote for Me! I am ready to work with you to transform our neighborhood into the best place in DC to live.

It’s About Us!


Questions from the community

As I have campaigned and listened to my neighbors in Foggy Bottom, we have been able to identify  challenges and opportunities that affect our quality of life. Here are some of my thoughts.

On Community engagement:

  • I have held town hall meetings- bringing together the Mayor’s Office, the Metropolitan Police Department, George Washington University, and religious and community service organizations to share their programs and resources. Neighborhood residents provided constructive feedback. This open dialogue is crucial for identifying what will and will not work.
  • While speaking to voters on the street, some have offered very creative solutions to neighborhood problems.  I appreciate their feedback. Sometimes we need some outside-the-box thinking.
  • If elected, I will propose holding ANC meetings at different apartment buildings throughout ANC2A,  so community members can more easily attend the meetings and share their views.
  • I will attend neighbrohood building board meetings and have regular discussions with building managers and residents to hear your perspectives and identify solutions. It’s About Us!

On Rats:

  • The number of rodent-related calls to 311 in ANC 2A have increased 180% from 2014 to the present – according to DC Office of Unified Communications
  • I organized a neighborhood walkthrough with DC Department of Health Rodent Control to identify rat hotspots for exterminators to resolve.
  • I will continue to listen to and work with residents and businesses to try to address the rodent issues that may include: better disposal of trash, possible installation of solar trash compactors and organizing regular neighborhood cleanups.  
  • Solving our rodent problems requires a unified neighborhood approach. I plan to work in coordination with high-rise building managers, single family homeowners, other ANC representatives and the City government.

On Homelessness:

  • From 2014 to 2017 (the most recent year for which we have data) the number of people sleeping on the streets in DC has increased by 126% – according to HUD.
  • On average, taxpayers spend approximately $40,000 per homeless person each year.  Placing each person in permanent housing and helping them get off the streets reduces the taxpayers’ burden in half – according to Miriam’s Kitchen.
  • I live at the Potomac Plaza Terraces, which is next door to Miriam’s Kitchen. As a volunteer there I have worked to understand homelessness and possible solutions such as working with George Washington University to provide work training and mental health services to those who need help.
  • The City of Albuquerque has implemented a creative program where they pay homeless people to do landscaping, pick up trash, and other day labor. I have reached out to the City of Albuquerque to learn more, and possibly replicate some of their successes here in the District.

  • I recognize the Mayor’s efforts to address homelessness, including the City’s Housing Production Trust Fund.  I hope to work with the Mayor, the City Council, ANC representatives, other cities that have identified successful solutions, and the private sector, to address this important issue in our city.

On Personal Safety:

  • According to MPD, certain types of crime have increased including theft from autos (up 78%), robberies (up 19%) and sexual assaults (up 83%).  I will work with my neighbors, businesses in the community, other ANC representatives and MPD to identify solutions that may include better lighting, more security cameras to deter crime, and neighborhood watches.

On Noise:

  • I have advocated against noise from overhead airplanes and helicopters, traffic, and unneighborly activities.  If elected, I plan to continue listening to the concerns of the community, and addressing those concerns.  I know the GW Helipad was a controversial issue. Going forward, I intend to ensure that the terms between the GW Hospital and the City are adhered to.  

On Traffic, Infrastructure, and Beautification

  • Community engagement is critical to the beautification of our neighborhood. I have already taken action by participating in Foggy Bottom Association and GW’s Freshmen Service Day, to clean up the streets in our area.  I have observed enormous support and enthusiasm from our residents, toward the community-driven efforts to cleanup and maintain the landscapes. Furthermore, as a GW alum, I plan to introduce more service days, where the students can give back to the neighborhood which has been gracious and kind in hosting them.
  • Additionally, many of our sidewalks are in need of repair and I plan to actively engage with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to address such “weak spots”.  I also proposed that DDOT look into pedestrian-friendly solutions at busy intersections in our neighborhood.
  • We live in an ever-changing community where pedestrians, bicyclists, scooter-riders and motorists need to co-exist.  I will work with the community, other ANC representatives and city government officials to explore workable, safe solutions.  

How do you see unifying the varying needs of the high-rise vs. townhomes in FB and West End?

  • Our success as a community depends on our readiness to listen to each others’ views and take actions that would benefit and further unite our neighborhood.  I have had constructive conversations with both high-rise and townhome residents. All share the same hope for a better quality of life.

What organizations are you involved in?

I am a board member of the Potomac Plaza Terraces Apartment; a board member of the Foggy Bottom Association, a GW Alumnus, a Kennedy Center Contributor, and a member of The West End Citizens Association.

On which Mayoral Commission do you serve?

I proudly served on the Mayor’s Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs and successfully represented and advocated for the needs and interests of this growing community living in the District.

Data from:

Crime- MPD

Rodent Related 311 Calls- DC Office of Unified Communications

DC Homeless Population- HUD

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